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I had my surgery on May 16th. Funny you should mention about a bad BM. I was feeling good for about a week and had a hard BM. After that it seems all of my pain started.
The doctor has me on Nifedipine cream that seems to sooth the area a little. Although I dont know what its for or the long term goal.

I cant tell you how much your post have helped me. I do lack patience and Im not one who's good with pain. Ill try to take your advice.

Thanks again

Sorry to her of your troubles. I had a fissure last year and after 8 months of pain I had surgery. I had the lateral internal anal sphincterotomy, no fissurectomy. You say that you had the fissurectomy but did you also have the sphincterotomy? When you have the LIS surgery they cut the anal muscle to relieve and prevent anal spasms that make it difficult for the fissure to heal if it has become chronic. You say your doctor has you on nifedipine which is used to relax the sphincter muscle. It sounds like your one hard bm could have caused your sphincter muscle to go into spasm causing your discomfort. It is very important for you to keep your stool soft to avoid further trauma to the anal area. Does your doctor have you taking fiber supplements, stool softeners, any kind of regimen? You should be and will need to continue to maintain a high fiber, lots of fluids diet. I eat high fiber foods, take a supplement twice a day and always drink lots of water throughout the day. I have learned and am still learning the foods that cause change in my stool such as making it harder, looser, etc. I either eat those foods in moderation or avoid them altogether; that chunk of cheese isn't worth another fissure, LOL. If you have learned anything throughout your fissure experience it should be that you know you need to eat healthier. I'm not saying give up everything you like to eat just be more aware of what your putting in your mouth and how its going to affect the outcome. I would also like to comment on your quote "Maybe I was being a little naive but I thought once the surgery was over so were my troubles." Your troubles are only over if you make it that way. You can't allow yourself to become constipated, you have to drink plenty of fluids everyday, you shouldn't have to strain on the toilet. These are all things you can avoid by listening to your body and doing right by it. I make it a point everyday to do all of these things because I don't ever want to go through that hell again. To me, its worth the little extra effort daily. Anyway, I hope things get better soon. Keep us posted.