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Thanks Huck. Yes, I have decided to get this out of the way before I tackle the trip and all the work involved there. I am cautious as I am now the age of my father when he lost his battle with heart disease. I am the skinny one of the family and the rest of the family is healthy as horses when it comes to their hearts. I just caught all the familial cholesterol and heart problems. I am a little heavier than I was while working- I hover around the 140's now but I am still okay according to my BMI. I am the skinny one of the bunch but also have a little height compared to my siblings, so I am okay there. I know my lack of exercise due to the fibro fatigue is the culprit.

Yes I also was tried on 3 other heart meds, but could not tolerate. Procardia made me a nervous wreck, and the other two (Cozaar and Nifedipine) gave me a persistent cough. I have acquired a cough now, I am sure from my smoking and to add to that was intolerable. I have become concerned as I am experiencing some chest discomfort daily now. I was having some exertional chest pain and SOB but now it is becoming more routine than I would like. It was my revelation of this to the doctor that prompted the Stress test and I am sure it is probably a blockage or COPD related. I know that with my other heart issues, it is not wise to delay workup and repair if necessary. I have been under some extreme stress the last few years and I am sure that has not helped with my heart issues either.

Do you know if a Cardiologist with Nuclear credentials would perform the angiogram? Am I right that an angiogram is the same as what was commonly known as a heart cath? I am a little concerned as I had an uncle by marriage who died during a heart cath and a uncle by relation that died one day post cath. It really weighs heavily on your mind, knowing someone personally who reacted to the procedure itself. I know that it is likely that these deaths may have occurred even in the absence of the procedure, but it is unnerving to know the possibility so personally.

Well I will be calling tomorrow as I know that even though the heart valve issue is stable at the moment, any additional factors need to be addressed to ensure that I have the best chance possible in the event a valve replacement comes my way in the future. I am sure that a weakened heart would not be optimum to withstand the rigors of cardiac surgery/repair of any kind. Thanks for your comments and support.

Oh yes, I had a chem panel in January that was normal!