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Hi Jess,
Thanks for replying. Hope you feel 100% soon!

My appointment went well. I did not have surgery yet. I have one deep fissure at the 12:00 position. Also two unhealed areas that they did not call fissures but said the blood vessels are close to surface so they are very tender and bleed easily. Even though I've used the nifedipine ointment for 6 weeks, they feel I have not used it correctly. Previous dr's said told me not to apply internally. Dr's at mayo said no, do apply it internally, not far but definitely in and onto the internal fissure, also on the unhealed spots. They want me to try 6 more weeks of this. It is discouraging because I still have alot of pain and 3 spots to heal. Will this ever end???

After 6 weeks, next step then botox, and if that doesn't work, then surgery. They did comment on incontinence of 4-10%, depending on study you look at. Scary... I appreciate your advice about how they need to do the incision. I feel comfortable with this surgeon, but it seems like a long road ahead of me.

They talked about cauterizing un healed wounds if they do not heal, maybe at same time as the botox.

Do you have muscle spasms anymore? That is what bothers me most. 6 hours of tight feeling and pain after bm's. I don't have much to take except darvocet, which I try not to take. Any muscle relaxants work well?

Take care, Have a good pain free day! :angel:
Hi Jess,
I've been wondering how you are doing.

I did go to Mayo about 3 weeks ago. They want me to continue with the nifedipine ointment for 4-6 weeks, but try to apply some inside (not too far in ) instead all on outside. If I continue not to heal then Botox would be next step and cautery on spots that are not healing also a possiblity. He thought 2 spots are unhealed from hemmoroid removal and one deeper fissure at the posterior position, also from hemmoroid removal. Not sure why one is called fissure and others are called unhealed wounds..??:confused:

Overall, I guess I am doing a little better, but still not healed. There are still bad :mad: days mixed in with better days. Guess I will probably schedule botox in beginning of June if things don't improve alot soon.

Hope you are feeling much better and are recovered from the procedures you have had.:) Let me know how you feel.
well if u have unhealed wonds there is this medication called CANASA and it suppose to help healing unheal wonds ask for that...i still have pain ..no chnage im using same cream that u use ,.2%nifedipine...but its not effective at all. nitro-bid was better..my fissure healed at least that wat my doc said ..but the pain is still there ...and im running outa options...do u feel like ur pain is more muscle pain?...dose asprin helps?
Thanks Kinderella,

I no longer use any of the creams I used for the fissure such as Nifedipine or Diltiazem. The surgeon said don't bother you had the sphincterectomy so spasms should have stopped hence they are pointless. I sometimes still use Prep H, or wheatgrass on bad days to soothe area....Not sure if it does much for the posterior fissure area but it seems to help the lateral pain (which may or may not be a hemi or incision site?) Anyway although things are better then 5 months ago I still deal with pain daily...not as intense but uncomfortable and so inconsistent throughout the day that it causes so much fear and worry.

My family doc says often it takes over a year for surgical sites to feel good again. I hope this is true and the daily ups and downs will eventually resolve...

If docs do discover hemmi not sure if i'll take chance of another surgery?

Let me know if you have any major changes....

I think and pray for all of us sufferers daily

Good luck