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I got a fissure 3 years ago and I still dealing with it... it is not too bad but recently I have been having diarrhea which is making it irritated. I have been using nifedipine ointment 0.2 which helps it but does not heal the fissure 100%.

Do any of you IBS-D sufferer's have an anal fissure ? If so how does the diarrhea affect the fissure ? and what steps do you use to ease the pain of the fissure when having diarrhea ?

So you use a skin barrier ? Vaseline ?

Baby wipes or a Bidet to wash ?

My doctor said diarrhea does not make the fissure worse but just irritates it !!! He said constipation is what makes a fissure bigger and worse.

any input or thoughts ?
I'm dealing with a fissure right now. It can get so bad. I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow because I want to be sure what it is and I want the pain to go away. I'm a little nervous about the prep because I will get diarrhea but they told me it's the explosive type of diarrhea that can make it worse and of course constipation. I had ibs with diarrhea until menopause and then it switched to constipation. I had a tear years ago but it healed. This one isn't. I now take miralax daily, it's not bad stuff. I use it before bedtime and it keeps your stool soft and that's very important. I also bought a sanicare faucet mini shower. It hooks to the bathroom sink and has a holder that clips to the toilet tank. It has hot and cold water so it's my own personal hand held bidet and it helps a lot especially because fissure can cause those irritating skin tags at the end of the butt. I never use dry toilet paper. I'm using nifedipine ointment and lidocaine and it helps but it's not getting rid of things fast enough in my opinion. I've upped my fiber intake but not too high because that isn't good either. I'm hoping tomorrow I will get some answers and some help. I understand what you are going through and hope yours heals soon, go to a doctor if it doesn't though, take care Suzy.