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Sounds like you have a fissure. Have you gone to a doctor? The symptoms you are describing are classic fissure symptoms. I had a fissure for 8 months. They can be hell. Make sure you are getting plenty of fiber and fluid in your diet. Sitz baths also help. Avoid foods or beverages that constipate or dry out your stool. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate you so beware of them. A doctor can give you ointment to try and heal the fissure. The longer you have it and the more it keeps tearing the harder its going to be to heal it conservativly. I finally ended up deciding to have the surgery. I wish I had known earlier in my fissure what I found out near the end. I waited 4 months before I went to my family doctor then another month before I decided to see a colon rectal surgeon. He tried and offered everything under the sun to heal mine conservatively but it had just been so long and the tear was so deep the only thing that was going to heal it for good was having the surgery. You should see a doctor to confirm that it is a fissure and for help in trying to heal it. Lots of fluids, plenty of fiber and sitz baths are the major treatments prescribed but there are ointments you can also try that are prescription. Nifedipine and Nitroglycerin are two of them used. You can also take a fiber suppleent daily. I take Citrucel twice a day, 2 shortly before breakfast and 2 shortly before dinner. Drink plenty of fluid when taking fiber supplements and when you increase the fiber in your diet. I hope some of this helps and that you find relief soon.