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Hi lubr79

I'm sorry to hear about your suffering. I to have gone through a similar experience. I suffered 11 months with a posterior fissure and tried all conventional therapies (stool softeners, Metamucil, cortisone cream, sitz baths, nifedipine cream, diatezem etc.....) Finally I had surgery after 6 months (sphincterectomy) in Jan 08. I had two weeks where I thought things were getting better but then things got worse. A second doc told me it must have been an "incomplete surgery" so I had a repeat surgery in April 08. It has now been 4 months since my second surgery. The good news is the intense 10 hours of burning pain is gone. The bad news is that I am still sore everyday (at two spots, the original fissure area and on the left - not sure if this is do to surgical site or just irritated area) The surgeon simply told me to deal with it and it should get better over the months. Four months later I am discouraged.

Believe me no one can relate to your suffering except other sufferers. Do not bother trying to explain it to family and friends or even some docs as the control this has over ones life is unimaginable. Most people assume its like a small hemorrhoid, a bit uncomfortable but nothing to stop you. Most people have suffered from headaches, cramps, broken ones etc....things that resolve and are controlled by painkillers.... But we know it is not....at its worst it burns intensely for hours....at its best it is uncomfortable and painful....and worst of all we worry about its return....

After reading stories of surgery patients it seems that there are three main groups. First group have the surgery and are amazingly fine in a few weeks (lucky people) Other people seem to suffer several months eventually and gradually getting better over the year (I hope we are this group) The third group continue to suffer after surgery fails....and I never really find out what happens to them as their stories/posts are often left hanging (I hope they healed).

I pray our pain will fade over the year and not increase. The only other surgical procedure I've heard off is an advancement flap where they put fresh skin over the site....but this sounds really unpleasant.

Good luck....I pray your pain fades in the coming months

[QUOTE=lubr79;3655295]Hi. I guess I need a bit of encouragement/advice as I am at wit's end!

I developed an anal fissure 2 years ago, and have had two sphincterotomies since. The second one was in October 2007 and I developed a post-op abscess at the surgical site. I had the abscess drained March 2007, and finally have healed at my sphincterotomy site.

Unfortunately, I have continued to have pain at my fissure site. My husband, who is a doctor, verified that I still have the fissure....

I don't know what to do now!!! I have already had three surgeries (2 sphincterotomies and 1 abscess drainage). I am tired of having pain wiht bowel movements and having my bms take over my life. My marriage is suffering as a result of this, and my husband is losing his patience (he is a wonderful man, but this is taking a huge toll on him)!!!

I don't know what to do!!! Ifanyone has had a similar experience, or has any advice, please help!!!