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Don't get stressed out over all the studies and readily available information on all of the different medications. I take many meds for reasons that I understand. I am on atenolol 50mg, for a reason. That is because I continue to smoke and atenolol is cardio selective in it's beta blockage. It has less effects on the lungs. I know this, so I do not question it. There are other beta blockers in this category, also. I take altace 5mg (ace inhibitor) that I was prescribed after a heart attack, and light stroke. Statistics show that they seem to prevent second heart attacks from occuring, and they obviously help in BP control, but that was not why I was prescribed them. I think that they are supposed to be "kidney friendly" also. Not sure of that yet. I take plavix, as an anti-platelet, and I will take it till I check out. I cannot tolerate aspirin, because of past abuse, of them. I take imdur (timed released nitroglycerin) to prevent angina and to promote blood circulation. It is a potent vasodilator. I take a few more medicines, but nothing to do with BP.

If you have any doubt about why you are taking the medicines that you do, you can go to the American Heart Association, and read about what the guidelines are for the treatment of your condition (having had one stroke already and high BP). The National Institutes of Health (NIH) also have the treatment guidelines. Really I think that they are minimum standards. The American College of Cardiology, also has the same guidelines listed for my condition. In other words, find what is recommended for you, having already had a stroke. You will probably find that 1) Your BP should be controlled. 2) You should be on an anti-platelet med such as plavix, and/or aspirin. 3) No smoking. 4) Maitain a healthy weight. 5) Keep your cholesterol (LDL low, HDL high) and blood glucose within limits. 6) No alcohol (or at least, almost no alcohol). 7) Regular exercise and a good heart healthy diet.

All of the medicines that I take, strictly follow the recommended guidelines for my condition.

Do you know if you have arteriosclerosis, or small vessel disease? I have both and they tend to cause stokes due to blockages in the tiny cerebral arteries. Of course small vessel disease (SVD) causes problems in one's heart and all over the body.

I think I may try to get another Mri of my brain. It has been 18 months since my stroke and I am starting to have headaches, which bother me, or worry me. I don't know if anything could be done to help me, from reading an Mri, but maybe they could put me on a blood thinner such as wafarin, if they suspected new blockages were forming. It would relieve me to be reassured that my brain is still there, lol.

Was your stroke due to a blockage or hemorrhage?