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The flip side is that articifially dropping BP a lot (like with a nitrate) raises the heart rate drastically to asssure a blood supply to the cells.

I use nitroglycerin under my tongue when I want a quick and significant drop in my blood pressure. It works great when I need it. It does not increase my heart rate. Do nitrates increase your heart rate drastically? If so, by how much? It's interesting that different people react differently to the same medicine, isn't it?

[QUOTE]Beta blockers are a particularly odious class of drugs for exercises. I couldn't continue at the gym if I were still on them.

This is another case where one size doesn't fit all. For some hypertensive patients, beta blockers are the drug of choice for patients involved in exercise training.

Life would be more simple if everyone reacted exactly the same to the same medicine, but it doesn't work that way.