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It is not usually "episodes" of high blood pressure that cause major unfortunate events..... although, I agree that 210/110 is a cause for concern on the part of your doctor. BP high like this for 10 minutes is
usually not a problem, high like this for 10 months usually is.

It is usually untreated high BP over the course of years that is the cause of
major unfortunate events.

Ask your doctor about nitroglycerin tablets or a drug called clonidine.
Nitroglycerin placed under the tongue lowers BP within 5-10 minutes, it has a short-acting effect and can take your systolic BP down 30-40 points.

Clonidine is a quick-acting drug which can, if placed under your tongue, lower your BP quite significantly. It is, unfortunately, one of those drugs which has a low theraputic dosage and is difficult to manufacture in granular doses. You can, however, cut them in half pretty successfully or bite them in half as you take one. It will act over 20-30 minutes and will give you pretty good relief for 3-4 hours.

Neither of these drugs have to be taken habitually in order to get the effect.