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If you have an oily scalp however, adding more oil will only make the problem worse and Seborric dermatitis may become worse off with the addition of any oil, no matter how gentle. Plus adding an additional oil to your already oily scalp may give you flat greasy hair.
Your thing is to clear the scalp of excess oil and dead cells and apply a treatment to keep it under control. Some people have luck with Nizoral or other rx'd shampoos but I always recommended tea tree to clients if they asked with great results. A great tea tree shampoo and conditioner that is available at health food stores is natures gate or salons have Paul Mitchell but they can strip color.
Also, to help when things get real itchy, or lots of dandruff, try making a paste of your shampoo and some baking soda almost like an exfoliant to the hair and scalp to help clean the scalp and soothe things if the itching is bad.
If you really want to dilute the tea tree, try water (maybe a spray bottle and shake like crazy). Tea tree oil whether a shampoo or an oil used throughout the hair itself may strip your color/cause dryness so I do think its best to try an on the scalp treatment.