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Hi, I had this problem also.

I have a very sensitive scalp and anything will irritate my skin.

If it keeps up or if you begin having flakes on your scalp, try a shampoo called Nizoral.
It costs about 13-15 bucks but works really well.
I used to get with a prescription from dermatologists, but they now sell it at any store.
It is a 1% medicated shampoo, and you use can use it every other day for a week or two and it should help.
Then you just use it once in a while to keep your scalp medicated,

There is also some herbal shampoos that work well you can get at any herb store.

good luck.=)

oh yeah....if you dont want to spend alot for shampoo,
you can first try a hot oil treatment.
Only costs a few bucks at any store and its easy.
Just sit the packet in hot water for a few minutes to heat up the oil, rub it into hair and scalp, and wash out well.