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I dunno Kre.. I started getting dandruff as a result of puberty changes too.. and the seabreeze treatment didn't work at all for me.

but if it doesn't work for her.. Nizoral is *really* good. It's a little expensive at $10 a bottle, *but* just a little bit, enough to cover the scalp, is plenty and you only have to use it twice a week. Plus I've found that once I get it under control I don't acctually have to treat it again untill the next major climate change upsets it, and the stuff smells pretty nice.. it's no fruit organza but it doesn't smell nasty like that tar stuff.

Also one thing I found with mine is if I went to bed with wet hair.. that really irritated it and no dandruff shampoo would help if I didn't dry it before bed.

hope that helps
My Dr recommended the Nizoral someone mentioned above. I wear a lot of black tank tops in the summer and only use it about once a month now as maintenance.
I was told by my hairdresser that most dandruff shampoos had an undesirable pH. I had seborrhea (sort of like cradle cap, but for adults -- too much oil that would cake on my scalp and cause dandruff) for a couple of years before I went to her. She actually scraped a lot of it off my head, and told me to get Tea Tree oil shampoo (there are many brands) and use it. After 2 years of Head and Shoulders/Nizoral/nasty T-gel, etc, I got rid of my problem after a week of using tea tree shampoo. Might try it, but beware: it dries out your hair, so you'll have to use your creme rinse and a leave-in conditioner after you wash. Good luck with the flakes -- I hated them!!!