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Try Nizoral shampoo. My dandruff got sooooo bad, I was scratching my poor scalp to death. I had tried Head & Shoulder, Selsun blue, other ointments to ward off the flakes, but nothing helped. I finally went to my doctor and she wrote a prescription for Nizoral. They sell it in stores, but she wrote a presciption so I would get the strong stuff. You must leave on for 5 minutes. This worked wonders for me. I have not run out of the prescription yet, but I will try the OTC strength when this runs out. Pricey stuff, but hey it works for me. Good luck.
nizoral didnt work for my dandruff, and it actually irritated my scalp
nizoral worked best for me in combination with loreal fresh vive.. (super clarifying) I only had to use the nizoral anymore if I left my hair wet over night (that REALLY irritates it) but NOW... I moved to garnier fructis... and while my hair is *extremely* shiney and silky.... my greasy dandruf is back in FULL force and the nizoral isn't touching it without the clarifying.... *sigh* AND my skin is going crazy now for some reason.... why can't things just be... oh I dunno... simple?
If you don't have oily hair and have dry scalp (it's a different kind of dandruff than the oily kind) over the counter Nizoral AD works well. I went to a dermatologist because I am pregnant and I'd never had trouble with dandruff before. He gave me a few sample sizes of presciption strength Nizoral and I bought the over the counter stuff too. It's a little pricey but well worth the results if dry scalp (non-oily hair) is your problem. He told me Nizoral is an anit-yeast treatment which really helps. The key is to leave it on for at least 5-10 minutes so it gets a chance to work. He also told me to use a quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner inbetween episodes.
Good luck to everyone!

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thanks for the advice.

I think I will put off coloring my hair for now. I just started using Nizoral shampoo last week so hopefully things will improve.
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If you can I have found that a tea tree shampoo (what is working for me is NaturesGate-found at health stores) or the Aubrey organics Sea Buckthorn leave in conditioner (left on the scalp)esp. soothing if you get the extreme itchies after shower. I had no luck with nizoral - I think my prob. may be the ezzcema or psoaisis not the regular dandruff.