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Firstly, have you seen a doctor about this?
What is the product you are using?

You might want to try Nizoral.....sometimes dandruff can be caused by yeast overgrowth (something like "cradlecap), and the skin isn't able to be sloughed off quickly enough.

another option would be Scalpicin which is contains salicylic acid. There's a solution that you can use after you shampoo, but before the hair is dried. I used both of these on a client and worked well.
Scalpicin also comes in a shampoo.

I would suggest you wash your hair in the morning rather than at night. Sleeping on the hair can stimulate oils.

You might also consider taking acidophilus or a probiotic (capsules).
That might help.

If it is yeast, cutting back on refined carbs could also help.

Do you maintain a healthy diet? Do you wash your hair daily? If not, start washing it daily to get the growth of skin off the skin.

Hope this helps,