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All of those are very good things to do...

Also, you can try supplementing with a probiotic 3 times daily... such as acidophillus, which can be found at walmart or your local healthfood store in the vitamin section...

Also, get a good shampoo such as head and shoulders for dandruff, and use that everyday.... there are some, like nizoral, that are better.. but should only be used 2-3 times a week.....

There are prescription shampoos for this condition.. when you go to a dermatologist, he might prescribe one..

There are also prescription lotions for the face, which he might prescribe too..

Another presciption for the scalp is Luxiq.. its kinda like a moose, you put it on your scalp after you shampoo... it works very very well!Ask about that

Another thing, is to try tanning... It can help improve this condition.

There are actually light treatments available of some sort that really really help this condition, I don't know where to find one in my area, maybe you'll have better luck, ask your dermatologist about it.. From what I've read it can make you 98% better after like 4-6 treatments..

good luck