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Oh My God!!! For the last few months, I have experienced the very same problem. I thought about posting it here, but was embarrassed about it, so I never did. Thank God that I am not the only one here. See, my problem is, if I wash my hair and stay inside, it never smells. However, as soon as I walk outside in the scorching sun (I live in Florida btw), it starts to smell sooo awful. I have dandruff, so I use Nizoral 2%. I don't know if this is the culprit. So what I did was putting on some leave-in conditioner with fragrance to mask the smell. Well, not only it doesn't mask it, it makes me have these awful fits of sneezing...strong fragrances make me sneeze..:). I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden, and it makes me think twice everytime I want to hug a friend or some other people. I am afraid that they can tell that I have stinky hair. I will try the baking soda, or even have to tell my dermatologist this...Any new suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Have a great week, everyone,