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hi, well i just posted another thread called gram negative folliculitis. i am sure i have some kind of folliculitis. we have so far treated with more antibiotic because a few months before that i was taking them for acne, then my face cleared it wasn't that bad in the 1st place, at the time i thought it was, but it was NOTHING compaired to this. anyway went off the antibiotics and wasn't using anything for acne and was doing great i was thrilled, then a few months later this came up. DR. thought i was more acne, gave me more antibiotics which did not help at all, made it worse i think. so then i mentioned the folliculitis cuz i was interning at a derm. office at the time and the one derm. there said thats what it looked like. we tried topical antifungals, 2 kinds, no response so i thougnt it was just being stubborn and begged them to just give the the oral kind, Nizoral (there is an oral and a topical) well that was suposed to clear it up with in 2 weeks. i am taking my last one tomorrow and today my face looks worse than ever. so i haven't actually been diagnosed with gram negative folliculitis yet, but that is the only one we haven't treated yet. it's rare, so i guess they don't think to look into it usually until ofcourse the patient has gone to hell and back trying other things. i am so depressed about this, i don't leave my house. it is awful and ruining my life. i look like a freak. now i wish i hadn't complained about the mild acne i used to have i would give anything to go back to that, anything. so do you think the things you have listed might help, i will try anything. suposedly the only cure for gram negative folliculitis is accutane, but i heard that is pretty risky to take, and hard to get prescribed, i would do it if it would help like i said i will do anything. i cannot afford the facials though unfortunately. So is Duricef a prescription drug? if so i will have to beg my doctor to try it i think they are almost as fed up as i am with this:( thanks so much for your help!!!:)