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Go directly to your dermotologist. ask for Nizoral. (a generic brand) it is a pill . take it every day , take one shower a day. use antibacterial soap (dial) not hot water. do not rub or itch. wear loose clothing. and bleach everything that you wear, if not bleach , bleach for colors. wash yours hand often with antibacterial soap. and make sure to use either lamisil or whatever else your dermotologist gives you for ringworm. If you have any pets be prepared for them to get it. and its al ong and dedicated journey to get rid of it. vacumm every day and throw away bag after every use. if you have a bagless vacuum, bleach the case and change filter often. If you do all of this you should see a dramatic improvement within 10 days, keep treating for 2 weeks after symptoms are gone. and be very agressive , ringworm is very hard to get rid of. GOOD LUCK!! :)