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I keep mine in control a couple ways.
A shower every day is mandatory.
After every shower I apply miconazole 2% cream (OTC) to the affected areas (whether red or not.) For me that means between the eyes,,,and into the eyebrows even, above my lip on both outsides and on both sides of my nose. Clotrimazone, spectinazole, and econozole don't work at all.

Once a week I rub in full strength dandruff shampoo with zinc pyrithione (also OTC) on all the affected areas...leave on 5 minutes and spray it off in a shower...it burns if you get it in your eyes.

WHen it gets red and ugly, hydrocortisone (natch, OTC :D) works well but too much cortisone can give you permanent red spidery arterioles in the skin (telangiactasias...forgive the spelling). I use cortisone cream that works well works well but I use it as infrequently as I can...when it's red and ugly.

If I keep to this regimen, I can keep the red rash to a day or two a month.

Never a problem in the Summer when, I presume, the ultra violet kills the fungi/yeast as it emerges with facial hair growth.

I am convinced that the way to eliminate it is to eliminate the yeast/fungi UNDER the skin, on the hairshafts with a systemic agent. I don't think Lamisil oral will do the trick because Lamisil cream doesn't touch the stuff. I used griseoflvin years ago for something else and it don't work on the seborrheic dermatitis either.
Tossing around Sporanox, Nizoral and Nystatin.

What I need is to get my GP interested in doing a culture, but so far he thinks all is well with my treatment plan...but who wants to do something like that FOREVER? Not me...a few years has been enough!

Has anyone tried any oral fungicides for it?