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I had a SD outbreak on my chest a few days ago. I've been prescribed Nizoral for such but I want to get away from the topicals and try something more natural.

Since Vinegar's a natural fungicide I tried that. So I started rubbing straight white vinegar on the legions and after a little bit they started to bleed. Maybe it was too strong at full strength. Anyone else have success or other stories about vinegar and SD?
I haven't messed with the small outbreak on my chest since I put the vinegar on it 2 days ago and while it has some slight scabbing still, the lesions are fading away already! I had been prescribed the nizoral shampoo to use on the body and scalp, and the cream to use for the face. The thing is I use the creams for a few week and all is well but then the redness and scaling comes right back. I don't want to really on prescription stuff forever so I think just washing my chest twice a week with some vinegar and using unprocessed honey on my face (haven't tried it yet, but going to get some this week) should do the trick!
From that one application of straight white vinegar it now look looks like the infection is almost all gone today. I've heard of diluting 1 part water w/ 1 part vinegar. For the body I did it full strength and while it bled a little it seems to have worked as fast if not faster than the nizoral shampoo. If it's on you face, though, I would never use undiluted vinegar.