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Hi Melissa,:)

Oh my goodness, you poor thing! he sounded useless. Did he try you on any meds?

I hope they are a bit more useful when I go!! I don't want to wait all that time to be fobbed off.

I have possibly got a fungal infection quite widespread mainly on my legs and arms it doesn't seem to be responding to treatment. I've been on lamisil tabs five weeks now and I'm not sure they are really helping. I also am using Nizoral shampoo on my skin but I think it irritates it, my skin looks very dry on my arms. It gets very itchy. Mainly the patches are pinkish but it also has affected pigmentation so it looks white where I have lost pigment. Never had anything like this before spring this year didn't know what it was for ages. Doctors seem to go with the fungal infections but aren't entirely certain which.

Is there another derm you could see? Its a bit much to be told let me know if it gets worse! He should just do the tests!:mad:

best wishes :wave: