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Share, if you're interested, you can also have your D levels tested. I don't think it's been changed already but I know that there has been talk about the RDA for vitamin D being raised. As we discussed, D3 is the "sunshine" component and actually works as a hormone. Do be careful about heaving dosing unless advised a doctor because this is one of the vitamins that could be bad if you take too much of it. A few people who have MS have reported that their neuros have them take 4,000 IU a day -- I've also read this with another opinion that you should decrease this in summer months (or year round if you live in a warm, sunny climate). Now, these are people with MS and right now, even I don't take that much. I'm currently at around just over 2,000 a day, adding up the D3 in my calcium and multi and supplementing from there. But again, I'm not "normal". That said, I think that's probably a safe dose but you should do some more research on it in general and also as it might relate to what you're experiencing.

Re: thyroid, Synthroid is very controlled (more so than Armour and I would think a compound) so if what you're doing doing doesn't work, you may want to think about it. Just make sure you get the full thyroid panel done before doing anything and consult with an endocrinologist -- it's all about the balance, not just one number.

Lastly, just a word on the shampoo and other things you're using. I've used Nizoral shampoo (for Tinea Verisicolor, an airborne fungus that settles on the skin and scalp) and think it's very good. You might want to check it out to see if there are any ingredients that might not sit well with you though. When I get TV (usually once a year, when it's hot and humid) I use this and found nothing that comes close to being a "real" shampoo (not drying, etc.).

I'm not an expert on allergen stuff but I saw a TV segment with a woman named Amilya Antonetti who had a VERY sick child and despite seeing many doctors, no one could figure out what was wrong. She had a hunch and discovered on her own that her son was highly allergic to household stuff and things "normal" people use. She eventually developed her own line of products and although I don't know where you can get them, it's called Soapworks. Not sure, but it might be worth checking out.

Good luck to you!