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I've had this since highschool and I'm 37 now. I have figured out many ways to stop it in it's tracks. First of all, diet and stress are probably two of the most biggest reasons for it. It is heireditary (however you spell it). It lays dormant in the body until one of the two mentioned above triggers it. So... eat right! Eat lots of veggies everyday. Keep the sodas and sugars to a minimum. And the best thing I've found that controls Seborric Dermatitis is a tanning bed. Just get you a membership somewhere and go about twice a week. I used to have real bad flaky, red rashy skin for years. But now that I tan a couple times a week. I haven't seen the seborric dermatitis on my face for about a year now. If I remember correctly, It started dissapearing the next day after tanning.
Nizoral is good too. Though I don't have to use it anymore.
Anyway, I hope you try the tanning bed.....IT WORKS!

Good luck Yall!