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i went to the doctor a few months back and its proven to be useless. told her everything wrong with me the past couple yrs and she didnt help me much....nothing has worked

my face is all discolored ...red and bluish all over my face. the discoloring is only on my face and stops as you get up to my forehead, although it has spread a little up on the very side of my forehead near my hair. my neck is fine and everywhere else on my body my skin looks perfectly fine. its not rashes, its just pixelated where it is extremely redish blueish on my entire face. i even tried things like aloe vera gel and eucerin to get rid of the redness and doesnt work. ive used cleansers

i am also rapidly losing my hair, and its a very weird pattern. i have the receding hairline a little but it seems like my hair still grows fine at the very front and all on the back. the temples are gone and i have diffuse thinning all over the top of my head. there are basically lines all over where its just my scalp you see, no hair growing.

the scalp seems to be flaking all over where im losing the hair. ive always used head & shoulders dandruff shampoo and earlier this year started nizoral. this was recommended to me as someone described my problem as sebbhoreic dermatitis. after using it for months i saw no improvement and it just left my hair brittle.

im scared to wash my hair now because it just falls out when i shampoo it in the shower or towel dry it. any pressure applied to my scalp and the hair falls out in droves.

i had psoriasis on my hands and was given some cream for that yrs ago by my doctor. it somewhat calmed it down but it still reappears and i get rashes on my body

could it maybe be scalp psoriasis?

i also have a dark blue mark all across my chest stickin about 3 inches on each side from my belly button. my stomach also juts out where im skinny and play sports/keep active. ive never had a belly and dont drink alcohol either. when i noticed the belly is when i started having all these health problems occur.

please help me
it doesnt look anything like rosacea and its not a rash. just completely discolored skin all over my face and up on the very side of my forehead. its not in patches either, its all over.

i stopped using nizoral shampoo and im still seeing an enormous amount of flaking. i use regular head & shoulders for shampoo and mane & tail conditioner...i only use those every 2-3 days though, sometimes even less frequent.

i can just touch my hair and ill see strands on my fingers

what about tea tree oil? does this work and is it safe to put it on my forehead and scalp?

i thought i had a parasite infection and tried cleansers and using herbs to naturally kill them but nothing worked so maybe i dont have them.