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[QUOTE=Jamie Silent]Medical doctors are not specialists. A specialist is REQUIRED to gauge something like testosterone levels.

The ONLY thing a GP will do is tell you if you are out of the lab's range. The lab's range means nothing, as it is just a sample of men of ALL ages. I have seen some that give doctors nice age separated reference values, but obviously this kid's doctor does not have that luxury.

A testosterone level in the 300-400 range (and this comes from the medical experts I speak with) is NOT proper for a man his age. But, guess what? 90% of GP's will tell you it is!

Right on. When I was 24 (I'm 31 now), a GP told me that a total test of 320 was "a bit on the low side", but that since frankly I had a beard (stubble, I hadn't shaven in several days), he was not willing to discuss the matter any further.

I just recently procured some Androgel for myself, without a doctor's prescription, in order to see if it does anything. i rationalized that it might at least give me enough energy and aggressiveness to search for a compassionate and knowledgeable Urologist/endo who is willing to listen to my list of symptoms.
I used to be so strong growing up as a teen, but in my adult life it has become difficult to carry groceries and open a window(even a jar), let alone make much progress in the gym (which I used to excel at 10+ years ago) or have much staying power.

So far, the Androgel is helping a bit, but it has only been a few days on 5g-6.25 gm/day (Androgel pump 1%squirts out 1.25gm doses). The main area of improvement is that, in combination with 10mg cialis (which never did much before), sex is great (hard to the end) and my confidence has improved with that alone.

I plan to order some HCG and Nolvadex just in case I need to restart my nuts, which leads me to a question: Has anyone here (other than Jamie Silent) experienced a surge of E2 or testicular shrinkage while taking either Androgel or Testogel (UK version)? If so, what dosage and how long were you on it?

Any other testimonials would also be appreciated.

BTW- After getting my 320 test count way back when (2001), I did one of the online HRT progrmas with injectable testosterone cypionate at 200mg/wk + Nolvadex and HCG after 12 weeks of treatment. Although my muscular gains were good, and there were some psychologically encouraging moments, my libido sucked after the first week, the ups and downs were atrocious, and I believe that may have exacerbated my current state. Needless to say i never did another cycle, and i wouldn't recoommend the program to anyone. The only thing I have to show for it (all gains disappeared) is that I look damn handsome in my sister's wedding album! The fact that people complimented for looking "somehow much better, better facial color, etc" only added to the crash following the cycle.