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MRI results came back clean, no tumors or anything found. That is a relief but also puts me in the 'undiagnosable' category. My endo has been very supportive so far, much to my surprise. He wrote a script for Depo Test Cyp and Novarel HCG.

Which brings me to my next question. The script is for 10,000 iu of HCG but the expire date is 30 days after reconstituting. Does anyone know if the Novarel brand can last for up to 60 days? Would freezing immediately after reconstituting help? Otherwise, I'm going to need to ask the Dr. to lower the script to 5000 iu bottle so that I'm no wasting HCG & $$.

My plan is for the following:

Monday & Thursday PM: 300ui HCG subq
Tuesday & Friday AM: 100ml Depo Test im

I have also ordered some Arimidex & Nolvadex to have on hand. Most of my research seems to specify that some type of AI is needed and that it greatly helps with TRT benefits. I am concerned about gyno and that is why I also ordered the nolvadex. After a few weeks at this level I may add in .25 of Arimidex on Sunday & Wednesdays.

How does this sound?