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I have read many previous posts describing clomid for 'restart'.
As yet, nothing about nolvadex which I understand is much
stronger mg for mg. I understand Dr. Shippen and others favor
clomid. I'm hoping and asking you veterans of restart protocol,
do any of you know whether clomid is preferable to nolvadex
for some reason.....and if so, what reason? Also, what do you
think of adding it into an HCG protocol, wherein HCG directly
applies LH to the testes and clomid or nolvadex get the HPTA
jump started in it's manner? Sort of a double barreled approach
to increasing LH to the testes.
I don't think there is a major difference between them. As with any other drug one may be more effective than the other on any given individual. They may have different side effects on different people.

Actually most restart protocols include both HCG and either clomid or nolvadex.
I think the main difference is the side effects, Clomid will have bad side effects regarding vision and emotions. Tamoxifen or nolvadex dosnt. HCG is used if the testicles are attrophied and need to get a kickstart.
Many thanks to both of you. Since I haven't yet found a doctor
within 200 miles that even says maybe to HCG, I am still trying
to optimize my TRT protocol with the help of knowledgable and
personally experienced board veterans. So I will need to obtain
some nolvadex to expand my treatment. I would still be using
only monthly injections of T-Cyp were it not for the knowledge
I have gained from y'all and plenty of online research. So thanks
again. :)
Yes, joe, I think so. I have switched from purely T-Cyp injections
to HCG injections with arimidex controlling estrogen so as to keep
some function alive and well in my testes. Since nolvadex (or clomid)
results also in getting more LH to the testes with the only side effect
being increasing estrogen which I am carefully controlling, it seems
like it is keeping my T up over 600 total and if it does manage to get
more response out of my testes so much the better. Seems like a
win/win proposition to me. What do you think ?? Later I will start
a now and then T-Cyp shot to boost the T a bit. I'm winging it for
sure and any contrary views would be helpful. :D
Thanks again, HF and joe, I realize I was trying to have my cake
and eat it too. Trying to get a restart while still treating myself
to a T Cyp boost every now and then. I will try what you
suggested, Hayfarmer, using only Nolvadex for at least ten days
and retesting to see what Happens to LH and if it decreases I
will return to using HCG and Arimidex primarily with a small regular
T Cyp injection like 20mg every 5 days. I should have realized
that T Cyp would essentially nullify a restart attempt. Thanks for
the wakeup advice. :D