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Wondering which is optimal restart protocol for most accurate
determination if restart is a good possibility:

1. Begin using only nolvadex with some arimidex for ten or twelve
days and test for total T.

2. Continue using 250 iu HCG EOD and add in nolvadex and check
Total T in ten days or so.

In other words, will continued use of HCG make it impossible to
judge restart results if nolvadex is added in?? And of course no
T-Cyp injections at all.

If only nolvadex, how long before all effects of HCG are gone?

Trying to fine tune this. Seems HCG alone boosts my total T
to a pretty good level and that seems to me to indicate I would
be a good candidate for restart. Is that reasonable??

What say you, Hayfarmer? Or other experienced 'restart' knowledgable
Board member. :confused:
I agree, joe, and because HCG only has elevated my total T
from 440 to 650 all by itself, by providing the LH key to
kick my testes into gear, I thought that by adding nolvadex
to the HCG, since it acts in an entirely different manner, that
it might provide a bit more boost to total T, thereby making
use of testosterone completely unnecessary. I guess my
wording was clumsy. I am tickled pink that HCG can do so
much for me, but I am still too low in total T to feel up to par.
And it seems a more natural approach, using HCG and possibly
nolvadex (or clomid) to stimulate my own system to produce
sufficient T to make life more livable. My concern is that they
might contradict each other in some way. Perhaps the only
way to find out is to just do it....I simply thought perhaps
someone on this board might have experience already along
these lines. :cool:
I agree with joe that arimidex alone will lower estrogen and
thereby raise testosterone. But some estrogen is necessary
and mine dropped to less than 15 using 1/3 mg every other
day of arimidex.
My hope was that by using nolvadex and HCG, my testes might
produce enough T that I needn't inject synthetic testosterone.
I could also use a gel as you suggested, joe, but that is still
not my body producing it's own with a little help from HCG, etc.
So I'll probably give it a try when I get back in a week or so.
Okay, joe, I think you have cleared that up for me. I know
that HCG by getting the testes to produce also thereby signals
the H of HPTA to stop sending go signals to the pituitary and
in that manner lowers T production, but I figured that the LH
component of HCG more than compensated for that effect,
since my total T made a good increase using it. But I thought
that nolvadex canceled out the negative feedback loop caused
by estrogen and also raised LH and FSH, but I can see why that
would not happen when used together. I did not expect to get
back to totally sufficient natural productivity. But I know of a
few people who have been using HCG for quite a spell, years
rather than months. So I was hoping to find a way to get by
on HCG plus....so as to avoid the need for supplemental T-Cyp
or gel for that matter. Just wishful thinking I guess. Thanks,joe.