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I have been taking Norco 10/325 since November for neck pain from a car accident. The past 2 months I have been taking an obscene amount. Last month when I went to see my DR,( whom I see 1x a month) he gave me a trial prescription of Vicoprofen. Well, after 2 days I told him they didn't agree with me but in fact I take them when I tun out of my Norco. On the same day he accidentally put the wrong name on my prescription. I had the nurse call in the right prescription but still filled the one he gave me at a different pharmacy.

Cut to the chase. I am doing everything I can to get these pills and when I really can't get them then I get a prescription for Ultracet from the Internet.

I am so tired of this. I cry all the time.....I drink excessively and take Xanax.
Every once in a while I will have no resources and then I go thru withdrawal....it's horrible but I figure my liver needs it. I can't take this anymore. I am so sick and tired of living this way all I do is cry. don't want to live my life like this anymore. I once went to rehab 2 years ago for alcohol...my family nearly fell apart. My husband is an addict, ( pot) and he just doesn't see/understand my problem.

I don't know what to do anymore...while I write this I have taken 4 pills and am crying because I want to take more but I don't want anymore.