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Devy, I feel for you having been down this path a few times. I can say stay with it as the results are wonderful! I've been free of pain meds now since 1/1/03, it took almost 3 weeks to feel have way normal and about 8 weeks to feel like my ole self. Its so nice not to have to worry about when my next dose was or the withdrawals until I took my next dose. They had me on duragesic patch (100mcg every 2 days) and 4 10mg norco daily for breakthrough pain. I would also recommend a counselor as its great to have a source to dump on. AA or NA was not for me but is great for many others. Oh and it sounds like you are doing the right things, just stay distracted and fight the urge. I can say you will probably not ever not think about using but the thoughts become further between.

Bottom line is to stay with it, the reward is supreme.