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I am very new at this, so here goes. I also have been taking Hydrocodone since 1990. I have so many injuries and chronic pain and the Norco is starting not to work so well anymore but I too have those horrible withdrawals at the end of each prescription. All of my meds are prescribed but it keeps getting harder and harder to get them and I am so sick and fed up with playing the "pain clinic game" and believe me, it is a game, I worked for years with doctors who flat out told me that, AND I QUOTE, "nobody likes to see these kinds of patients". I do understand how they feel, but these pain clinics that society has herded chronic pain patients into are just an assembly line and I am going to try and d/c this medication myself. I heard somewhere on this site that Subobox (spelling) is good for withdrawals. Does anyone have a story that they can share with me who maybe tried this drug? Is it also addicting? Also, my "pain" doctor just hightailed it out of the clinic to another state so far away that I will never see him again and this new doctor in his infinite wisdom decided that I could cut down easily on my daily meds and since trying I have had horrible horrible pain and symptoms from RLS to complete exhaustion. Someone, please - Subobox? Thanks.