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Going back to the original question, I started with a once a week buzz on weekends that turned from Friday to Friday Saturday, and eventually to every day. Once you are to everyday you're hooked, dependence is in full sling and withdrawal is a given. Because of my back problems I was able to go from a weekend deal to daily. From Vicodin, to Oxy, to Fentinal (Duragesic patches)

So I would say it's just a matter of time before this every now and then is going to be a daily occurrence. I thought I had the will power to keep it to a Friday or Saturday deal but it went to Friday, Sat, Sun then daily. At my lowest point I was on a 100mcg. duragesic patch every 48hrs and 6-10 Norco 10mg. tabs daily. Long climb off that hill.

Good luck to your friend and just relate my story in hopes it opens their eyes.