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Sorry Cowboy, been traveling and haven't had a chance to get back here.

The taper was long and arduous. I started on 10/27/02 and tapered until 12/31/02 where I just got tired of the last little bit and went stone cold. At the time I started tapering I was on a 100mcg. duragesic patch every 48 hrs and 6 10mg. Norco each day. 100mcg of duragesic (fentinal) is like taking 30-40 10mg vicodin a day, I think the did an equivalency for my intake and it came to close to 400 mg morphine per day (ouch) I worked with my Primary Care Physician (which was a huge help) and we took an aggressive path to taper, as he said if you don’t feel some pain (withdrawal) then you jump back into this in the future. I agree with his thought process. At first it was fairly easy to taper as I was doing 25% taper over a two week period, but as the amount gets lower the rate of reduction tends to slow as any reduction equals a larger percentage. It takes an incredible amount of discipline to taper and not cheat especially when you feel the withdrawal. For 8 weeks of taper I felt lousy each day, like having the mild flu for 8 weeks straight. Having gone through cold turkey twice in the past, much much lower amounts, I was taking (40mg per day) I did not want to go that route again, so I chose the taper approach based on the amount I was taking at the time. I’m glad I did this as when I went stone cold on 1/1/03 it was terrible, the doc gave me valium and stuff for leg/stomach cramps and the runs which was a big help, the valium at 10mg every 4 hrs basically knocks you out (sleep all day). But when I was awake enough to realize where I was at I felt so bad, this lasted about 10 days and I only took the max strength of valium for the 1st 3 days, imagine how I would have felt if I had done this when I first started, no way I could have done it. Taper for me was best, plus as I said all the suffering has burned into my brain how much I do not ever want to go through this again! If you search on taper programs you will find many out on the Net, that’s what I did and bounced it off the doc and we ran with it. As for meds to help with withdrawal I can look up what I had taken if that is needed?

Good luck and if you have any additional questions ask away and I’ll help where I can.

Everyday is a good day, once your free of the drugs, trust me

OK I found this info that may help as I kept a diary:

On Oct 27 I took the first step and stepped down from a 100 mcg. patch to a 75 mcg. Patch. I supplemented with the Norco. I’m keeping a diary so here is how the first week went:
Oct. 27 – 3:00AM reduce from 100mcg to 75 mcg patch and take 3 Norco’s
7:00AM 2 Norco
11:00AM 2 Norco
3:00PM 2 Norco
8:00PM 2 Norco The 1st day was not to bad with very slight withdrawal
Oct. 28 - 2:00AM 2 Norco
7:00AM 2 Norco
11:00AM 2 Norco
5:00PM 1 ½ Norco
10:00PM 1 ½ Norco The 2nd day withdrawal was much worse towards
the end of the day
Oct 29 - 4:00AM 1 ½ Norco
5:30AM New 75 mcg. Patch
8:00AM 1 ½ Norco
2:00PM 1 ½ Norco
8:00PM 1 ½ Norco The 3rd day withdrawal very minor
Oct 30 - 2:00AM 1 Norco
9:00AM 1 Norco
5:00PM 1 Norco The 4th day was AOK with withdrawal
Oct 31 - 2:00AM 1 Norco
6:00AM New 75 mcg patch
11:30AM ½ Norco The 5th day no withdrawal
Nov 1 - No Norco just the patch and no withdrawal
Nov 2 - 6:30AM New 75 mcg patch No withdrawal
Nov 3 - No Norco just the patch and no withdrawal
Nov 4 - 6:30 AM New 75 mcg patch
Nov 5 - No Norco just the patch and no withdrawal
Nov 6 - 6:30AM New 50 mcg patch This is a step down from 75 to the 50 patch
6:30AM 1 ½ Norco No withdrawal
Nov 7 - No Norco just the patch and no withdrawal
Nov 8 - 6:30AM New 25 mcg patch This is a step down from 50 to the 25 patch
6:30AM 1 Norco
10:30AM 1 Norco
3:30PM 1 Norco
9:30PM 1 Norco The withdrawal seems to have come back strongly
now that I’m at 25 mcg patch.

Well just to bring you up to speed it’s now Nov20th and I’m completely off the Duragesic patch and I’m just using the Norco’s. Since coming off the patch I have had a difficult time with withdrawal symptoms. Right now I’m taking 2 Norco every 6 hrs. and for 3 hrs after taking the Noco I feel fairly well but the last 2 hrs before my next dose I feel very significant withdrawal. So 3 hrs of feeling OK and 3 hrs of feeling poorly. It has been a very difficult road to walk these last several days or week. Here is an unbelievable issue I found with my pain management group. When I told them I wanted to get off the pain meds they had no idea of how to taper me down. They just told me put a 75 mcg patch on, wait 2 weeks then put on the 50 mcg patch, wait 2 weeks then the 25 mcg patch, then nothing. Well I tried to drop from the 100 to the 75 patch without any Norco and that was hell, hell I say.