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I take Norco 10/325 4xday and i have chronic pelvic pain due to endometrosis and cysts on my ovaries that are recurring and will alwaya be there, my question is when i stop taking the norco will i experience really bad withdrawals? i have been taking hydrocodone drugs for about 2 years now daily and i have only gone one day without taking them and i feel like bugs were chewing my skin off and i could not get comfortable and i just wanted to scream it was awful and i didn't know what was wrong until i took the norco and felt better, how do i stop taking them without feelig like that i really need to stop taking them, i feel as though they are doing me more harm then good, someone please help me!
Well if you really want to get off the narcotics then you need to slowly tapper off them!!!! I beleive its the only way to stop and not have bad withdrawals!! If you start getting your body use to a lower dose each week and then stop it should be easier, but I would stop taking the Norco because it is really powerful, I would just tapper off the Hydrocodone, a little at a time, that should ease things some for you, but if you stop cold turkey taking that norco and the hydrocodone all at once its gonna be rough!!! but im no doctor so im telling you what has worked for me!!
Hey j_f_
Yes i jusr recently saw an pain managment specialist and he told me all he could do was put me on Norco since it has a small amount of tylenol in it and he sent me back to my general doctor and said for him to manage the meds, because he had to large a patient load to see me for just the managment of meds, he said he could do nothing else for me, but he did say if my doctor ever has a problem prescribing the meds then he would do it because he knows how much pain i am in, but i need alternatives! almsodt every one i have talked to that has endo has a hysterectomy somewhere down the road it just causes so many complications. Well if you have anything else you like to share i am here to talk to.