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Thanks for your quick reply!

I'm specifically looking for info on CO2 narcosis - that was Mom's admitting diagnosis. She's pretty wierd anyway, and has her own pain issues to deal with, but when i took her to the hospital Mon nite she was talking nuts, hallucinating, etc. Her blood ox (fingertip) was 84, and ABG was 65% CO2. Now her PCP is thinking it's her meds that are causing it (Lortab 10 or Norco 10), but no more than 6 a day, and unlike the rest of us she's really responsible with them. However, I do know they can cause respiratory depression, and could lead to breathing impairment that would raise her CO2. But do you have any info on that specific syndrome? Any info is appreciated.

BTW - I mostly lurk around on this board, but I get so much support by proxy. Thaks to you all.
First...how old is she? HAs she smoked? Has she ever been diagnosed with COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)..which includes emphysemia, and has she ever had any other type of lung problems? Her oxygen saturation(the little thing they put on her finger)was pretty low...84% on room air...oh BTW, was she on oxygen? What was her Po2 when they told you her Pco2. Did they say her Pco2 was 65 or 65%? When we do a Arterial Blood Gas(ABG) we look at your Po2(oxygen level), O2 sat(like the number when they put on the finger thing), her pH, and Pco2(Carbon Dioxide) A normal person without lung disease or problems would not run a Pco2 of 65. It would be in the 30's maybe. This means that when the lungs are exchanging gases, instead of her lungs expeling her Co2 like a normal person, she is maintaining it. I would be curious to see what her Po2(not her saturation, although that is important...it is a calculation and not a true O2 measurement) You see high Co2 levels in COPD patiens that are what we call Co2 dependent...like people who have smoked all thier life. A normal person's O2 saturation is always above 90%...around 95-98%. What that saturation tells is...how much of your hemoglobin(the stuff inside your Red Blood Cells that actually carry the oxygen)is saturated in oxygen. I hope Im not being to technical and way off track for you...if so tell me to stop. Anyway...Hers was 84% on room air(I am assuming)...what did her CBC look like if you know. I know Im getting kinda deep into this but just curious. One of Lortab or Norco, or any other opiates more serious side effect is respiratory depression. It can slow your breathing down big time. A normal respiration for someone is around 13-15 per minute...opiates can cause that to fall to 8 or 9 or lower depending on how much opiates were taken. I will stop there since this is long and write back after you tell me how old she is and if she had some sort of lung problems or smoked.