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I became addicted to Norco while treating migraine headaches. I have been clean for 30 days-rough days. My question: Does everyone recovering from Opiate addictions suffer from fatigue. How long does the fatigue last?

Thanks for the help !
How many norco were u taking and how long were u on them, i to am taking norco for chronic pain and i am afraid i will get hooked on them.


I had been using Norco for 1 1/2 to 2 years. I was up to 120 mgs a day. I believe if you take a opiate for anymore than 10 days you are hook. I never used illegal drugs or drink alcohol. The addition can happen to anyone. My advice is stop while you can. I started using Vicoden very innocently like most everyone. But it takes a lot longer to stop and recover than to start the drug. This is only my opinion. Be very careful.

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