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If you recall I had expressed concern about going to a concert as that was a trigger in the past. Well I went to the concert drug free, so cool. It went great, no even a pang or craving for meds.

What was interesting is while we waited for the concert we stopped at the Hard rock for a soda and beer (me soda wife beer LOL) and one of the guys at the bar started talking to us about if we were going to the concert. I looked at my wife and told her this guys is on something (older guy in his 50's) He was so hyped, reminded me of how I used to get on the Norco. He was either on Vic's or coke or something, man he was hyped. Just made feel all the better that I was were I am, he was a reminder of a place I had left and don't want to go back to.

Oh well thought I would share.

Thanks for all the support last week.