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Help! This is my first night without Ambien because I took it during the daytime to get out of back pain so I am out until the 11th. This happened because I used up my R/X for Norco a bit too soon, again! I have been on pain meds for quite a few years and they are not working as well as they used to.I see my Dr. this Monday and I am afraid to tell him this because I do not want to be cut off! But I am also afraid that he would prescribe something stronger like Oxycontin and from what I've heard about it from the people on this board, it's a killer! Why is it worse than the Opiates? What can I take to get some sleep in the meantime? Is Benedril the most effective? I would appreciate anyone's suggestions, because it's 1 AM on the West coast and I'm not even slightly sleepy. I'm used to a deep, restful Ambien sleep which never makes me feel groggy in the morning. Thanks to anyone who's up this late or early in the morning that can help!