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Thanks for your replies. I took the neurontin last night before bed. Today is the first day without Norco's. Two weeks ago I was at 10-12 a day. Today nothing. Stomach isn't too bad. I have some motrin 800's the doc perscribed. Why not just take a bunch of motrin? I don't know. I am here at work, counting the hours down. It hasn't been quite as bad as the last time I tried to quit. Maybe the neurontin is helping. But I still feel depressed with this splitting headache. Everyone keeps saying. "you are so quiet" that is not like you. Bothering the hell out of me. I am in customer service. I don't know if I will make it through. I hope the phone doesn't ring. Should I try to get more pills. Or lose my job. Tough one. I know which one I would like to pick. What have i gotten myself into. I have a good job. Sorry for the rambling.
Hi COREYP...I wanted to share some of my story with you but you can read it all if you look for my name on the main oage. I was on vicodin ES for 7 years at 35 pills a day and I also dipped into those NORCO'S you spoke about. Man oh man those things are like vicodin's but they are like 1000mg instead of 750's so those things were like GOLD to my butt. I loved those lil puppies to death! All nice and yellow..so pretty..im just being silly. No but for real I would take like 2 norco's at like 8am, then 2 more at say 10am and so forth threw out the hole day. Sitting at work like you all quiet people asking me are you ok, cause i was so darn to myself those days, asking if we had the yellow pages at work so on my break i could look up doctors to go to on my hour lunch, then that would wind up taking like 3 hours at the doctors office cause you know they are never fast there, id make up some bull cr** story of how i groomed dogs for 10 years and my poor aching back hurt and how some doctor in another state had me taking NORCO, and whamooooo bulls eye i got the pills, even tho i was 2 hours late coming back to work, i would think oh heck ill just tell them ill make up the time. Putting my job at risk...This is really werid to me but i would be in say target or some store walking down the lanes right and high off pills of course, looking at people thinking how in the he** can these straight people deal with life? HOW? How is that possible? I dont think i can live life straight so i thought. I just didnt know if anyone else has ever thought that. I mean I can get up all early go do so many things during the day and be so energized darn it on these pills. But how in the heck do normal people that dont take pills do it? Im thinking to myself how can i possibly be straight and get up all ealry make my bed take a shower and say go out with my girl friends for breakfest? NO WAY...thats how i was thinking, cause the minute i tried to stop the pills, man oh man...thats no joke, i wanted to just die, no energy for life what so ever. But here I am like TIM i have moved into my dad's basement and took this entire week off of work admiting to them my problem. They told me girl you take this entire week off of work, get well and then come in on Monday. My boss said you DO NOT have to worry about work, oh man what a reliefe to know that my job is still there, and heck i just started that job 2 months ago. But i kept it real with them and they respect me for that. I am taking Suboxone to help with the W/D and its a wonder drug for me. Please ask away....and good luck to you man, stay away from those Norco's...its hard but there is help out there. I have no insurance and am paying my doctor $300 a visit, with arrangments of course ha ha, but im doing it!
Jill - Chi Town