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Hey, it has been a while since i have last posted, i am sure some of you might not remember me! well i had a really bad time with norco. and i totally lost my quality of life but to people who have read my story, i am feeling great, no more norco!!!! i did have some oral surgery done and my dentist prescribed me darvocet and he gave me a prescription for 20 and that was a week and a half ago and i still have 17 left!! only took them the first two days after the surgery and the pain was gone and i haven't taken any since!!! i have been taking ultram for the endo. pain and it seems to take the edge off, and has no side effects! so i am doing well and i hope to hear that everyone else is doing well also!!

Dollface. You sound GREAT!!!! Congradulations. I remember your post on norco. I'm so glad things got better for you. I haven't been around for awhile myself (computer stuff) so I don't if you remember me, regardless once agian congradulations, Lake