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[quote]Originally posted by openseason:
Karloff: I dont know where you come up with the difference between dependence and addiction. Yes you can become addicted to opiates if you take them for pain. Also many soldiers took opiates in Vietnam specifically to get "high" and numb their brains but they did not become addicted to the opiates. Addiction all depends on individual brain chemistry, not the "reason" the person took the drug.

I agree.

Sometimes I wonder if you like your medication more than you should and constantly recite the differenced between addiction and dependence to justify something. I will probably get banned for this, or at least ridiculed and about 100 fingers wagging at me, or in the very least explosive devices mailed to me, but ya know what? I think something needs to be pointed out about the addiction vs. dependence issue, so here I go:

Ya see so adamant about it. I mean, anyone with two eyes can see that there is a difference between the two conditions, however you state these differences so religiously and zealously that I wonder. Other posts I have seen seem to indicate that you REALLY like these meds. Nothing wrong with that I guess as long as you are responsible about them when you have a legit reason for them, which you more than do. One thing that I get bothered about with your posts on the matter though is that I really don’t think its as clear cut and as dry as a diabetic and their insulin. You almost seem to convey at times that a person with chronic pain has a reason for taking as much opiate based medication as they want using the dependence issue as a fleece to disguise abuse. I may wrong about you and if I am, which I hope I am then I am sorry. You just seem like you know too much about coping with withdrawal to me.Yes, some pain patients NEED opiates to treat their condition indefinitely. I am seem to be leaning towards that as it appears my body lacks adequate endorphin production for some reason. I don’t see that as a license to abuse and then call it dependence though.

I have a different case than most people here. I started off taking some lorcet provided by a relative for minor aches since it worked so well. I liked it a lot though, and as time progressed I found I was abusing it. I was never addicted per say, but I sure did like it. The huge difference between myself and many people I have talked to about these things who also deal with them is that I can stop indulging when I need to or want to. I have NEVER stolen anything, lied, or cheated anyone to get pain medication. If I ran out and had w/d’s I just dealt with it. It never ran my life, and I never felt controlled by it. This is where I differ though: I actually have developed a condition where narcotic pain medications are an appropriate venue of treatment. I have norco, I have a lot norco laying around. I also have tramadol, I’m low right now, but I am getting more soon, a lot more. I don’t abuse these medications despite using them recreationally in the past and despite having a supply of norco around that most people who use this stuff recreationally wouldn’t leave laying around for long. The reason for this is that I don’t want to abuse what I have as a legitimate treatment regime for my pain. The last thing I need is to have some kind of drug abuse indications or documentations in my medical records or on file anywhere to jeopardize my avenues of pain management. I try to take as little as possible, and I end up have lots of extras around which is how I like it.

I’m just saying that dependence and addiction are indeed two different things, however you can be dependent and abuse as much as any addict ever would, which is addiction.

*awaits flames, curses, holier than thous and bannings*