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Red yes I was on Norco which is basically 10mg version of Vicodin. I had gotten up to about 20 per day then switched to fentanyl patch 100 mcg and supplemented 6-8 Norco each day also. I was up to about the equivalent of 40 10mg vic's per day. Coming off 12 per day should be easier then the 20 or 30 or 40 a day some folks have had to deal with. Use Imodium for the runs, benadryl for sleeping at night and if you were just starting I'd say get some valium or Xanax to help knock yourself out. I just went cold turkey on 1/1/03. My doc who helped gave me valium to take, 10mg every 4 hrs, knocked me totally out na na land. I only used it 3 days as I was so worried about getting any side effects when I stopped using it. Didn't need another withdrawal scenario on top of the opiates LOL

You almost there, hang on and soon you will reach Utopia.


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