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New to this site. Searching for some help re: soboxone. Just came off and had withdrawals that I wasn't prepared for. I felt great while I was on it but once I stopped, it sucked!! It's only been a week. My doctor didn't mention weaning me off the drug. So, being an addict, I went back on Norco because I felt crappy!!

I was hoping my doc would refill by sobox script. NOT!!

And, FYI, my eyes were pinned the whole time I was on the stuff. One thing I noticed throughout replies was that we all seem to be on the same "cocktail"...wellbutrin, klonopin, soboxone.

Personally, I feel the soboxone is just another way to get dependent. But given the choice between Norco and soboxone, I'd rather take the soboxone.

I've been back on Norco for a week now and keep telling myself I can stop. So far, no luck. I talk to my doctor Monday. If I can wean myself off I think I can do it.

I went into detox about 2 months ago and was surprised by how many people were in for prescription drug addiction. The last time I was in detox everyone was coming off heroin and cocaine...the world has certainly changed in the last 15 years!!

I've been fortunate that my insurance company pays for the soboxone. $5.00 a prescription. I just don't know if I should go down that road again knowing how I will feel when I get off.

Good luck to all of you out there struggling. It's nice to have a place to go where you can get some understanding.

God bless...