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Hello everyone! I've been lurking for some time and because of what you have shared contacted the only doctor approved for suboxone in my state yesterday. Then I went to my first NA meeting last night, with my 7 month old baby in tow (single mom). The doctor will cost $900 which includes a follow up visit, and the suboxone will cost $15-20 per day. But I spend that much easily on the 20 or more norco per day that I've gotten up to, and this seems like the only way out for me. I've been telling myself for months that I'm going to "taper," but can't control my compulsion to take! Those of you who have gotten down to under 10 a day probably can successfully taper yourself off, I think. Those of us who are around the 20 or more mark are better candidates for this route maybe...

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for sharing--I am so looking forward to, but also am somewhat scared too, of a life not dependent on ANYTHING!