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on day 4. w/d's so far haven't been too too terrible. they have been in the past. was on 10-15 norcos a day for about 2 years. physically i feel pretty good right now. but i can't stop wanting them. i do have some legitimate problems that i take them for, but i take them when i don't need to and i LIKE THEM. for the past 2 months or so i have been taking vicoprofen which seemed to be easier to quit (as far as w/d's) than norco. i just can't stop thinking about them. i could get them very easily because of my legitimate prob but i will be having a hysterectomy within the month and DO NOT want to be dealing with w/d's and trying to reccuperate at the same time. how do i stop THINKING about them? i know i need to quit. but i honestly like them so much i really don't want to. i keep coming up with reasons to get a refill. my pain really isn't that bad right now but i keep telling myself it is just to justify a refill. sorry for babbling. just need to vent. any advice for me?