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philster I have been reading your posts for a bit now,I am new and need some help,I truly admire you and trust you.Well I am not going to go on and on.I started with pain meds 2 years ago norco of and on no big deal truly used them for pain.Well about three months ago after not taking any for 6mos. didn't need to well chronic bursitis got the best of me so I started taking them again this time non stop for 3 mos.everyday till I reached 150 mgs a day.last week I started a taper which left me very sick couldn"t stand it so went back on them.this time 120 mgs a day. started another taper sat. taking 25mgs aday sick sat,sick sunday still on25,mon.felt not to bad still sick but I messed up and took 30mgs.this morning tues started the day with 5mgs. by 3;00 very sick,so I took 20mgs then felt better.could you please tell me what I am doing wrong and shouldn't I be not that sick were I was up to 150mgs down to only 25 for 4days should I stay at the 25 for another 2days then taper to 15mgs then 10. Oh please help I am just so sick of being sick from wds I think I am just dragging it out but I am so afraid of the wds. do you think the worst is behind me I will still be sick but not as bad as coming of of 150mg they are norco 10/325 will I.could you please help me with the rest of my taper I though I was doing good until today.I am so through with this honestly,I am going to be a grandmother in 3mos.I am going to find another way to treat this pain.thank you so much.huppy I hope I made sense in writing this it is so hard in writing things down..huppy