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Hi Hooked. I don't think you are a loser at all. I started out taking hydros the same way over back problems and then surgery and before I even knew what was happening I was taking 40 Norco every day. I read here all the time and I think most of us got into the dope the same way. I am on a taper and I am doing okay on it. I know there are people here who don't believe in a taper but I tried CT once and I thought I was going to die. Phil and Jerri and a lot of nice people here have help me to stick to my guns and stay on the taper. I got the courage to tell my doctor what I was doing after reading this board for a while. He is helping me but because I really do have a lot of pain he is having me taper real slow. I get impatient because I think I will never be off of these going so slow but you know I am finding out that it is giving my body a chance to get used to less hydros and maybe even better I am little by little learning how to handle the pain. So maybe I will never be off hydros 100% but this is my goal and I believe if I can make up my mind then I can do it. I don't know what is best for you but I wanted to tell you what I am doing because maybe it will help you. The one thing for sure is you are not a loser because I don't think any one of us wanted this to happen. I hope you don't beat on yourself and I hope you can find a way that will work good for you.