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I too took a boat-load of norco on the day I started sub (that evening). I was worried about naloxone, but doc said he'd never seen such a reaction, but evidently from what I've since researched it DOES happen occassionally.
You said you went from one straight to the other and your doc said he'd never seen such a reaction.
Could you tell me how many norco you were taking and what the reaction was??? Also how much bup did you take and are you still taking it??? I need all the information I can get because my doctor gave me subutex but doesn't seem to know a lot about it so I'm sort of self- medicating at this point. I just don't want to be sick anymore (it's been a nightmare for over a year and also a battle with varying doses of codeine and hydro for probably 20 years). Please tell me more of your story if you can.
Thank you so much.......Linda
Linda, I probably took ten or fifteen norco the same day I began with first 8 mgs of suboxone, then 8 more that night. I'm taking 48mgs total currently. No real side effects to report.

With your having the subutex, your chances of a bad reaction are even less, I'd think, since most are caused by the naloxone in the suboxone--at least that's my understanding. Hope that answers your question?