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[quote]Originally posted by TexMex:
I have been taking Lortabs for about 3 years I take about 8 a day, I want to stop !! But I don't know how.
My family don't know that I'm taking them. I was in the hospital about a month ago with a Kidney infection. Can someone help me??

Thanks ,

Hey, just a little FYI i read in a magazine today that lortab is the 2 most addictive drug on the market today, 9 out of 10 people will get highly addicted to it and i want everyone who takes Lortab to know that, i guess it is just the genetic make-up of the pill, so you might want to talk to your Dr. about it or possibly switch your meds, but i am also having trouble getting of Norco which is basically the same thing just less tylenol. Sorry if i worried you, i just thought everyone should know that bit of info. especially people who are thinking about taking Lortab, but trust me i know how you feel i am right in the same position as you as of today. Good Luck, and Best Wishes to you.