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Hello everyone, I'm new to this board but have been lurking for a while.

I'm from the Bay Area too.

I wanted to chime in about suboxone. My Doc gave it to me and I started it 4 hours after my last norco dose, and I felt better. I did not feel sick. My Doc did ask me to wait till I felt withdrawals before taking it, and I did feel withdrawals at 4 hours. I really think it is an individual chemistry issue. It might also depend on how much you've been taking. But I was taking 30 norco a day, and had a seamless transition, but that's just my lucky body maybe.

The sad part was that the Doc won't keep me on the suboxone for pain management, so I'm back on oxy and the hardest thing in the world to do is take it as prescribed and not abuse it. But I'm doing ok with it, going to NA and really don't want to go down that dark hole again. I wish I didn't have bad chronic pain so I could stay off opiates, but without them I am in too much pain to even work. The suboxone took enough of the edge off the pain that I could handle it, but he just won't let me take it for chronic pain. I've heard it is approved for pain, so I just don't understand.

He's a great Doc, in South San Francisco, has been working with buprenorphine and suboxone for a long time and is an addictionologist. I trust him a lot.

I will also say that when I went off the suboxone, I had bad withdrawals from that. It was not a cake walk, but others have told me they had no problem with it. I had unbelievable fatigue and could not sleep and had sweating and diarhea. I was only on it for a few weeks, to clear out the opiates and asses my true pain level without anything, so we could know if I really needed meds or not. Unfortunately I do. Now, after being on oxy, norco or anything with hydrocodone in it has no effect on me whatsoever, besides staving off withdrawal symptoms. The oxy must be pretty strong. I take 40mgs three times a day. When I first got on it, I was too tempted, and I did snort it, but the addiction got way away from me, I went through a month supply in a week, and had to go back on hydro to stave off withdrawals till I could get my next oxy script. The hydro didn't work for the pain, and I learned my lesson and now take them whole, and they handle my pain very well and don't get me high.

So, that's my humble two cents. Just wanted to also say hello to everyone and thank everyone for all the wonderful posts, Even though I haven't posted yet till now, just reading the board and knowing I'm not alone helps a lot.

I used to post on another board that recently shut down, so I'm so happy to find this one! It's nice to 'meet' all of you.